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How to Get The Best From Your Cleanser

16 Tips On How to Get The Best From Your Cleanser

The majority of people don't actually cleanse their skin thoroughly, that may be you, maybe not and if it is, it's really not your fault and you're not alone!

Cleansing is one of the most important things you can do for your skin (as well as wearing SPF daily) but no one ever really focuses on this basic skincare ritual. Working in the beauty industry I know how undervalued cleansing is, so here is my guide to cleansing your face.

1. Break the 10 second rule

Apparently people only cleanse for 10 seconds, it doesn't seem like much but time yourself, 10 seconds while cleansing can actually feel like longer. If you've invested in a cleanser promising the world but you slap it on then rinse it off you're not going to get the benefits from those wonderful ingredients. The length you cleanse depends on, for example if you're wearing heavy make-up, you'd need to massage a little longer to break down thick foundation or waterproof mascara. Take at least 30 second to massage your cleanser in to your face, I like to do sections - neck, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, eyes (make sure the product is suitable for the eye area) don't see cleansing as a task, enjoy this mini pamper, if you find your skin isn't very clean when you rinse, try massaging a little longer. Massaging your skin is going to stimulate the removal of toxins, reduce puffiness, get the blood flowing and oxygen circulating, all awesome things for your skin. 

    2. Once is not enough in the evening

     One cleanse isn't usually enough, your first cleanse removes any make-up, SPF, surface dirt, pollution, dust etc and your second cleanse is to clean your face of of things like excess oil and dead skin as well as removing anything the first cleanse may have missed. I recommend an oil based cleanser for your first cleanse as this will penetrate through the oil on your skin and break down your make-up. For your second cleanse you can use the same cleanser or a second cleanser with different, active ingredients.

      3. Cleansing in the morning is wiping away all the good things that happened to my skin in the night

      No, cleansing in the morning is wiping away the sweat and dead skin that's accumulated while you slumber. If you've thoroughly cleansed as above the night before, one cleanse should be enough in the morning. 

        4. Apply Correctly

        Forget adding a little cleanser to pads and rubbing over the face. Apply a good dollop of cleanser to cover your face and neck to your hands, apply to your skin while it's dry and massage. Remove with a flannel, not cotton pads, keep them for toner. 

          5. Water is not cleansing!

          I hear it regularly, I cleanse with water. Imagine if you took a white t-shirt covered in dust, cream and makeup then splashed it with a bit of water, would it be clean? No it would not and neither is your face. The only time I'd recommend perhaps thoroughly rinsing your face with water in the morning is if your skin is extremely dry and/or compromised, but ideally you want to cleanse your skin with a suitable product and you definitely want to cleanse in the evening.

            6. Cleanser makes my skin worse

             That's because you're probably using the wrong cleanser. Choose a PH balanced cleanser for your skin type and not by it's brand/price tag. Some people can't tolerate sulphates, there's nothing wrong with them but they can cause dryness and irritation in some people (I can use sulphates on my hair and body but not my face) so try an SLS free product if this is the case. If your skin is irritated or you have eczema for example then standard cleansers may be too irritating, find a product designed specifically for your skin issue. 

              7. Cleansing Wipes

              The main skincare product I wish was never invented. So many people use them, the adverts make them sound amazing, a quick way to cleanse, who wouldn't want that? Unfortunately they don't work well enough. Again my laundry analogy, imagine getting a wet wipe and rubbing it over a make-up stain on your clothes, you know it's not going to come off. Ok I know fabric will suck up the make-up more than your skin but seriously, sweeping a wipe over your face is not cleansing properly, you need an oil to break everything down and attract the oil and dirt from your skin (like attracts like so oil attracts oil) and then you need to wipe/rinse it all away. Wipes don't take everything off and the remaining cleanser on your skin may cause irritation. If you do only 1 thing for your skin, stop the wipes.

                8. I use soap but it contains moisturisers

                 It's also very drying and has a high PH. If you have dry skin this is just going to make your skin worse, if you have oily skin, to overcompensate for the soap stripping off your natural oil, your skin is going to create more oil, leaving you oilier with flaky skin; yes even oily skin can become dehydrated. And the high PH? A great breeding ground for bacteria.

                  9. Face flannels are smelly and mouldy

                  When they're left in the corner of the bath for weeks yes they are. Fresh, clean flannels are heavenly and will help to give you a much deeper clean, they're also a tired person's best friend. But always take great care when using flannels, don't scrub at your skin, wipe as gently as though you were wiping a baby's face. Once you're done, leave it to air dry and pop it in the wash the following day, always use a clean flannel. Not everyone can tolerate face flannels, if you notice your skin gets dry or irritated, stop use. I personally can't use face flannels more than twice a week.

                    10. I'm always too tired to cleanse

                    I hear you, this is why I cleanse early. Put the children in the bath and if they're old enough to sit unaided, cleanse at the sink while they splash around. Children learn from us, get them interested in cleansing from a young age and it won't be so foreign when their zits start erupting. Also try opting for a cleansing oil and remove with a face flannel, I find when I'm tired the last thing I want to do is splash water on my face.

                      11. I have problem skin so I need strong products

                      No you don't, again harsh products will just strip your skin and when your skin is irritated, it's going to cause further breakouts. Look for products that are PH balanced but suitable for problem skin. After cleansing use an acid based toner which will instantly lower the skin's PH.

                        12. I use a cleansing scrub every day but my skin is still dry

                        Scrubs should only be used once or twice a week, using them daily will just irritate the skin (I personally don't ever use scrubs on my face, they're too harsh). If you do like to feel exfoliated, use a chemical exfoliator, look for cleansers containing glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid or use an acid based toner after cleansing.

                          13. Use fresh water

                          Don't fill up the sink and splash your face, you're splashing your face with dirty water, always use clean, fresh water. Same thing if you cleanse in the bath.

                            14. You do have time

                             I regularly receive emails from mums who say they don't have time to cleanse. I have 3 children, a dog, 3 cats, 2 tortoises and I run a business, I get you, by the end of the night you're exhausted but you do have time. Cleanse as soon as the children go to bed, the earlier you cleanse, the better it is for your skin. I NEVER miss a cleanse, no matter how tired I am, you can do it too, you deserve that mini pamper twice a day, enjoy it, take pleasure in it and don't add it as another chore.

                              15. Cleansing is the shower is bad!

                              If you take hot showers or stick your face under a power jet then yes, not good but that doesn't mean you can't cleanse in the shower. If your shower water is cool enough, just cup the water in your hand and rinse. If your shower water is hot (hot water really isn't good for the skin but I'm not going to teach you how to shower) take in your trusty, clean face flannel, rinse, shake it to cool and then use it to wipe over your face, repeat a few times until all traces of the cleanser have been removed. Cleanse right at the end of your shower to make sure no shampoo or conditioner is left on your skin.

                                16. When should I start cleansing?

                                If you've reached 16 without needing to, well done but now is a good time to start. If you're a parent reading this and have a youngster experiencing breakouts, opt for a gentle cleanser. My eldest daughter has been cleansing since they were 10, it may seem young but if your youngster is already developing a skin complaint, get them cleansing as soon as you can, if however you suspect acne, please take them to a medical professional, skincare alone will not help and early treatment can reduce the chance of permanent scarring. 

                                  I do hope that helps you get the best from your cleansing routine and from your products. Of course, getting the best results means using the best quality cleansers that are suitable for your skin. HERE you will find a list of our amazing cleansers which are £15 and under. If you're hypersensitive or you're very conscious about using only natural ingredients please take a look at our First Cleanse Oil.



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