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Acid Peel Breakouts

Breakouts From Acids?

If you've experienced breakouts from using either Bravura Acids or another brand, there could be a reason. Here are the most common.

Cleansing - When you cleanse before an acid you must use a non acid based cleanser and rinse away only. Using a face flannel to cleanse or using anything acid or exfoliating will cause over exfoliation which in turn can lead to a breakout.


It's essential to moisturise after using an acid exfoliator, when we exfoliate our skin loses moisture and so it's important to replace that moisture.


If you use acids more than once a week you do not need any other exfoliators such as scrubs or sonic brushes, again using these can cause over exfoliation. If you use our Dermaflannel, alternate with the acids every other evening and use gently.

Over Using Acids

You only really need to exfoliate every other day, some people can use acids daily, others will experience dryness or a breakout. Over using the acids will not give you better results.

Some people see results within days of using acids, others it can take 6 weeks. If you're unsure about the results you're seeing when using our products, please do feel free to get in touch.


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