Moisturisers For Sale

We know that choosing the right moisturiser can be tricky, particularly if you suffer from oily, blemished skin, which is why we have developed moisturisers which nourish the skin without being heavy or excessivly oily.

Azulene Moisturiser is perfect for oily, spotty, problem skin, this Aloe Vera based moisturiser hydrates and nourishes your skin, even oily skin can become dehydrated, particularly if you use any spot treatments, this moisturiser will nourish without blocking your pores. Can be used twice a day and is suitable for use after any acid treatments, works well under make-up.

Collagen Moisturiser, suitable for neutral (normal) to dry skin and oily skin that doesn't break out, hydrating and nourishing without being thick or heavy, this moisturiser can be used twice a day and goes beautifully under make-up.

Night Treatment is an exfoliating AHA moisturiser containing 15% glycolic acid, which can be left on overnight or used as a face masque. This is our strongest acid product and is only suitable for experienced acid users. Can be used on the face and body, especially good for dry elbows and knees as well as on areas with keratosis pilaris (chicken skin).