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Glycolic Acid Peel Home

Home glycolic acid peel 

Glycolic Acid peels have been performed by dermatologists for decades, helping Hollywood stars and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Lopez to retain their gorgeous, youthful glow. Chemical Peels like glycolic acid were used before big events, where celebs needed to look their best without any down time. Glycolic acid gives instant results which is why it’s quite often known as the lunchtime peel, you could pop in to the Dr’s office during your lunch break and leave with instantly glowing skin, no downtime needed! This treatment wasn’t cheap though which is why it was reserved for the elite, until now!


Glycolic acid peel home

Now you can perform these amazing treatments at home without needing the salary of a celebrity! Our home use acid peel has been designed so that everyone can benefit from this amazing treatment and it’s so easy to use. Cleanse the skin, apply your acid, rinse off after 5-20 minutes and then follow with a serum and moisturiser. You can expect to see instant results where the skin will immediately look fresher and healthier but with regular use you can expect to see a reduction in the appearance of

·      Fine lines

·      Wrinkles

·      Discolouration

·      Blemishes

·      Dry skin

·      Dull skin

·      Crapey skin

·      Premature ageing

·      Age spots

·      Hyperpigmentation

·      Rough skin

·      Thin skin

·      Sun damage


Acid peel on face

And these results aren’t limited to your face, you can use your acid peel on your face and body, so if you have thickened skin on your knuckles or knees, using glycolic acid regularly on these areas can reduce that thickness which in turn can lighten the area if it looks darker than the rest of your skin.

Buy Bravura Glycolic Acid today for under £10 a bottle, why not take a look at our full range of skincare products including our chemical peels sets which include the acid of your choice, a chemical peel applicator brush and full size cleanser.


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