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About Us

Bravura London About Us


2003 - 2024 (and beyond)

Welcome to Bravura (pronounced bra-view-ra) London – where skincare meets science for radiant results. Founded in Battersea London in 2003 by Amanda Elias, a seasoned facial therapist, and now operating in the picturesque landscapes of South Wales with her partner, Ryan Heslop, Bravura London is committed to providing top-quality skincare products that deliver effective results without breaking the bank.


At Bravura London, we take pride in being pioneers – the FIRST company in the UK to make chemical peels available for home use. Our vision was simple yet powerful: to make the benefits of AHA and BHA treatments accessible to everyone, transcending affordability barriers.

Our journey expanded as customer demand grew, leading to the creation of our skincare range. Formulated and tested meticulously over months, our products have garnered a global following, loved for their simplicity and efficacy. We set out to offer affordable yet powerful skincare that lives up to its promise of enhancing your skin's quality, regardless of your skin type. Compared to many department store brands, Bravura London provides exceptional quality at unbeatable prices.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our product testing process – if a product doesn't meet our high standards, it goes back to the lab. This dedication has earned us a loyal customer base who swear by Bravura London and never look back.


Ingredients matter to us. We combine natural wonders like Volcanic Mud, Azulene, Seaweed Extracts, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Ginseng with scientifically-backed AHA's and BHA's. Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance, helps keep your skin hydrated.

Created in Small batches

At Bravura London, we proudly create our skincare products in small batches. This deliberate choice ensures meticulous quality control, allowing us to maintain the highest standards for each product. By prioritising freshness and potency, we deliver effective skincare solutions that are at their peak. Handcrafted in South Wales by a passionate team dedicated to skincare, our commitment to small batches mirrors our dedication to authenticity and quality. This approach benefits our customers with superior products and a unique, exclusive experience.

Animal Testing

Rest assured, none of our products or raw ingredients have been tested on animals. Most of our products are also suitable for vegans.

For all skin types

Bravura London takes a 'problem-solution' approach to skincare, addressing issues like breakouts, wrinkles, or discoloration. We're passionate about skincare and genuinely want you to get the best from our products. We’re here to help. From anti-ageing serums that deliver on their promise to gentle cleansers for the most sensitive skins, Bravura London may have the answer to your skincare problems and our customer service team is on hand to recommend products for you. 

Customer service

We’re also here to give you the best skincare advice around. Amanda runs the customer service department, a top skincare consultant and an expert in AHA’s, BHA’s and skin peels. If you’re unsure of which products to use, email our customer service department and Amanda or one of her excellent skincare advisers will help with any problems or questions you may have. You will always get an honest response; we will NEVER recommend products unless we believe they are suitable. We are passionate about Bravura skincare and genuinely want you to get the best from our products.

We value customer feedback – whether it's praise or constructive criticism. Reach out to us; we're here to listen.

Rewards Program

We've got something special for you – our Loyalty Rewards Program. Every time you buy your go-to skincare products, you earn points that translate into discounts on your next order. It's our way of saying thanks for being part of our journey. So, while you're pampering your skin, you're also treating yourself to some fantastic perks. Sign up to our Loyalty Rewards Program here. Happy shopping!


The environment

Being environmentally conscious, we use recycled or ethically sourced paper in our office, recyclable boxes, and eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging. Our commitment extends to our community in Wales, where our distribution center supports local employment and charities. Bravura London is proud to be part of a small, thriving community where our business positively impacts the lives of those around us.


Our distribution centre is based in a small village in Wales, surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests and rivers. Our business helps to employ local people as well as supporting local charities. We keep our work hours between 8am-3pm to enable our staff to work around school times. Bravura London is proud to be part of a small, thriving community where the people can benefit from our commercial enterprise.

Bravura Cosmeceuticals LTD, Unit 3, Parc Amanwy, New Road, Ammanford, SA18 EZ. Company Registration Number 07635949


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