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Glycolic Acid Toner

Historically toners were created as an essential step in a person’s cleansing routine. Old fashioned cleansers were thick and fatty and soaps were made with lye and so to remove any cleanser residue toners were used to refresh the skin, removing any excess cleanser.

Rosewater has been used on the skin for centuries, Cleopatra was rumoured to use fragrant rosewater which helped to soften her skin while it also left her skin smelling fragrant and feeling fresh.


In the early 1900’s it was discovered that alcohol got rid of the soap fat more thoroughly and as it also dried the skin a little, many believed it more beneficial for spotty skin conditions.

The alcohol also acted as a preservative in the toner and many loved the astringent effect it gave by tightening their skin. Astringent toners are still popular to this day but advances in cosmetic science mean that not only are toners less drying on the skin but we now have toners with a range of active ingredients.

 Toner with glycolic acid

At Bravura London we discovered the amazing benefits of acid based toners when we launched our range back in 2003. Toners with glycolic acid not only help to exfoliate the skin but they also help to balance the PH, after cleansing our PH can raise a little and as our skin’s natural PH is around 5.5 we want to keep our skin around this natural range to keep it balanced an healthy, a high PH can be a breeding ground for bacteria and so lowering the PH after cleansing can give great benefits to all skin types, particularly spotty skin.


At Bravura London we have 3 different glycolic acid toner, each with varying strength and actives, using an acid toner after cleansing is a quick and easy way to get the benefits of glycolic acid and to exfoliate the skin without too much fuss in your routine, perfect if you don’t like to spend too much time in the bathroom each morning and evening. Simple apply some glycolic acid toner to a cotton or reusable pad, sweep over the skin, allow to dry and then follow with your favourite serum and moisturiser.

Check out our range of glycolic acid toner today, If you’re unsure which one is right for you, our skincare consultants would be happy to guide you based on your skin type and skin complaint.


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