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Skincare For Combination - Pregnancy Skin

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause breakouts, while topical skincare products can’t actually prevent a breakout, they can help to reduce the severity of the breakouts and help any blemishes to fade a little quicker.

If the difference between your skin isn’t very dramatic, for example your skin is oily but your cheeks can get a little tight after cleansing rather than being dry, select the products for oily skin.


 Cleansers -

Cleansing oil UK
Essential Cleanser – First Cleanse Oil
We have combined nature’s best, organic cleansing oils and infused them with organic chamomile, lavender and rosemary oil, for a truly soothing and therapeutic experience.
Please read my guide on cleansing for best results 


 Toners - 

Ginseng Toner 50ml

 Revitalising Ginseng Toner is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid toner for normal to dry and sensitive skins and is ideal to balance your skin's PH after cleansing and to prepare your skin for treatments or your favourite moisturiser.


 Serums - 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Liquorice Root Extract 50ml
Due to its oil-free texture it isn't rich like most anti-ageing products, but acts like a super sponge and retains water within the skin, locking in the moisture that your skin usually loses. 

Moisturisers –

Bravura Azulen Cream
Azulene Moisturiser use this on the oily areas
 Light and non greasy, this versatile moisturiser provides relief for sensitive and troubled skins and is hydrating without being too rich or greasy.
Collagen Cream
Collagen Moisturiser, use this on the dry areas
 Collagen cream absorbs quickly and leaves skin smooth and non-greasy to touch and contains a nourishing blend of skin loving oils to keep skin hydrated and looking its very best.

 Acid Peels -

Glycolic Acid Solution
 Glycolic Acid is said to be one of the most powerful and effective alpha hydroxy acids and is a luxurious alternative to harsh scrubs or peel off face masks.


Dermaflannel -

Bravura London Dermaflannel
There are no safety concerns regarding glycolic acid during pregnancy, but if you would prefer to avoid acid then you could just use the Dermaflannel.
Please note that you DO NOT need to buy everything I’ve listed, if you’re happy with your skincare routine and just need one product that’s fine, if you need a full routine then this list is suitable for you. You can also refer back to this page should you wish to add more Bravura London products to your routine. 


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