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Welcome to our skincare advice section, we've written a full routine of products based on different skin complaints and skin types. If you don’t feel any of the routines are suitable for your skin complaint, please do email us and we can either direct you to the correct page or create a specific routine for you.

It’s Important that you choose the correct skin type, for example, if your skin is usually oily but is currently dry, you would still need products for oily skin but your dehydrated skin would need to be nourished. If your dry skin has been over stimulated and is a little oily as well as flaky, you’d still treat your skin with products for dry skin. If you’re unsure of your skin type, this link may help.

Please select your skin type from the menu above or links below when you're ready.
Oily or Combination Oily-Normal Skin
Combination of Oily & Dry