Cotton Face Flannel

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Amanda Recommends: I LOVE face flannels, I really don’t think you can beat removing your cleanser with a nice, fluffy flannel which is why we now have the option that you can buy your cleanser along with a high quality, super soft, 500 thread Egyptian Cotton flannel.

Flannels can harbour bacteria, use a fresh face flannel daily.

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These flannels are the softest, fluffiest flannels I've ever used. They feel so luxurious on the skin. Forget muslin cloths, these are so much more effective at cleansing, absorbing all the day's makeup and grime. I double cleanse in the evening using alternate sides and use a fresh one daily, although they do rinse to spotless under the tap! They go through the wash really well and although I've had them since January, they are still as soft and fluffy as when I first got them and still look brand new. Can't be without these and will be stocking up on some more soon!

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