Dermaflannel® Exfoliator for Face & Body


The Dermaflannel is a beauty breakthrough for anyone who likes the idea of a chemical peel but would rather a more natural treatment. This easy to use, reusable, Vegan and chemical free way of achieving deeper exfoliation has a unique weave that sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal soft, glowing skin on the face or the body. The Dermaflannel really is a Facial in a Flannel.As featured in OK! Magazine.

Our Dermaflannel has been taking the beauty world by storm, finally a product that is not only natural but makes a dramatic difference to the texture and appearance of the skin. The only chemical you need is water! Links to blogger reviews are at the bottom of the page.

The Dermaflannel helps to improve the following skin conditions: 

  • Blackheads and Whitheads
  • Acne
  • Mild Acne scars (blemishes not pitted scarring)
  • Age spots
  • Blackheads
  • Discolorations
  • Dry skin
  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines
  • Red spots
  • Rough uneven skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Enlarged pores

How does this work any different to an ordinary flannel?

The secret is in the weave. This unique flannel is created with tiny fibres that have been split into millions of finer fibres that are no thicker than one hundredth of a human hair. Using a unique weaving process, each flannel consists of tens of thousands of tiny storage compartments that lift the dirt up out of the pores, trap the waste and leave a clean surface. The nylon core within the fibre form tiny edges that break up surface dirt and easily absorb and remove oils and dead skin cells. The only cleanser you need is water! 

How will the Dermaflannel help my skin complaint?

Dull/Flaky Skin The dermaflannel safely exfoliates the upper layer of your skin, which is called stratum corneum. This is the whole purpose of costly salon micro-dermabrasion treatments and chemical peels (glycolic acid, salicylic acid and enzyme peels). Skin exfoliation is a naturally occurring physiological process; dead surface skin cells naturally slough off and reveal new skin cells. However, natural skin exfoliation sometimes needs assistance. For example, when the skin type is oily, the skin has difficulty exfoliating or sloughing off the dead skin cells. Equally, dry skin types are prone to a dull, grey appearance and dead skin cells will hinder the absorption of moisturisers. 

Blackheads Scrubs and washes don't help with blackheads because the particles of the products are too big to reach within the pore, no matter how tiny the scrubbing beads are, they're just too big to make a difference to the blockage. Because the fibres of the dermaflannel are so small, they can effectively reach within the pores to help break down the blackheads and eventually remove them, when used daily you will see a noticeable improvement in blackheads in only a matter of weeks! The flannel is also abrasive, allowing thorough exfoliation of the skin which prevents the pores becoming blocked again with dead skin and excess oil. 

Fine lines and wrinkles The intense exfoliating action of the dermaflannel allows you to effectively "rub away" your fine lines and wrinkles while also purifying the skin, the result is instantly smoother and softer skin that glows with radiance as the dull, dead skin cells are removed. Nothing removes wrinkles in one use of course but with regular use, you will achieve a smoother complexion. 

Pigmentation/Brown spots The dermaflannel helps to deeply exfoliate the skin and removes the "stain" from the surface of your skin. When treating pigmentation it is essential to protect the skin from the sun, do not sunbathe and always wear an SPF, UVA and UVB rays will make pigmentation worse. Although the dermaflannel can help to reduce the marks, if your skin is prone to pigmentation it won't stop the process.

Can the dermaflannel be used on young skin?

With parent supervision yes. Children as young as 8 can experience skin complaints which can be traumatic, but as the flannel is very abrasive and can easily be misused, we recommend anyone under the age of 16 be supervised by a parent to ensure the skin isn't over exfoliated. Use the product gently, once or twice a week and ensure that your child wears a suitable SPF daily.

Is it safe?

Yes. Used as directed, the Dermaflannel is gentle and will not irritate your face as other chemical exfoliates might. It is recommended that only light pressure be used in order to prevent irritation. Also avoid using the flannel around the eye area. The Dermaflannel can even be used to treat acne and other skin problems during pregnancy since no chemicals are involved.

Are there side effects?

A slight pinkness may occur due to the abrasive nature of the Dermaflannel but this is dependent on your type of skin and its sensitivity. Some people may experience slight flaking of the skin in the several days after treatment. This is normal and means the process is working. Flaking and peeling should minimise with subsequent treatments as your new, healthy skin emerges.

Can I use it for other parts of my body besides my face?

The Dermaflannel can be used on your whole body, including back and chest acne, dry, sun damaged skin on arms, legs, etc. with the same rejuvenating and skin clarifying effects. This is an effective way of reducing in-growing hairs and Keratosis Pilaris. 

How soon will I see results?

You will feel the results instantly; your skin will feel softer and smoother. After approximately a week of regular use, blemishes will start to clear, the skin will look healthier and you will just notice how clean and fresh your skin is. After approximately four weeks the skin will appear firmer, blemishes will be fading, fine lines less noticeable and pores will be shrinking. The results will just keep getting better and better with each use.

Skincare tips.

Your flannel will come with full instructions of use and if you have any further queries, we are only an email away. 

Hygiene is very important when using flannels as they can harbour bacteria, the flannel can be washed in your machine on a gentle cycle (do not use fabric softener) but we have found that hand washing prolongs the life of the flannel. Use a medicated wash and clean the flannel at least once per week, preferably after each use. Always be sure to hang up the flannel so that it dries properly, if the flannel is left crumpled and damp bacteria will breed. Avoid storing the Dermaflannel on a hot radiator as the heat could affect the microfibres.
Avoid using close to the eye or genital area.

When should I NOT use the Dermaflannel?

You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. If you suffer from any systemic disease or dermatological disorder that affects your skin please advise your doctor before use. You should also avoid using the flannel if you are sunburned; have active herpes simplex, open cuts or sores, are currently on a medication which causes hyper sensitivity or extreme dryness or have recently had facial surgery. 

Still not convinced? Please remember that Bravura has an excellent reputation for supplying top quality products that work, we don't rely on gimmicks. The Dermaflannel is simply a revolutionary new product. Break the mould, don’t follow convention and try this magnificent product today, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!

Here's what the Press and Bloggers have to say - Pregnancy Review - Keratosis Pilaris review



The Dermaflannel may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards. 

4.23 Average

60 Reviews


Excellent. It has made my skin clear and smooth.

Magalie Marie

I have no words! When i recieved the flannel i though oh that doesn't feel or look very special and thought i wasted my money! Then i read the instructions and tried it. It didn't feel scratchy like other exfoliators and didn't feel like it did anything but OMG when i examined my skin in the mirror i was converted!!! Yes my skin was red but my skin looked like i had a light chemical peel! Super smooth and it cleaned all my pores. I am very hard to impress but bloody hell Dermaflannel is THE BEST exfoliator (and more!!!) I have ever used!!!! I am letting my skin rest for a few days as it is very sensitive however i cannot wait to use it again and see my skin improve over the next few weeks!!!!! Wow wow wow!

juliet hutchinson

Really good cloth, unassuming but effective!!

juliet hutchinson

Really good cloth, unassuming but effective!!

juliet hutchinson

Really good cloth, unassuming but effective!!


I have suffered with my skin for years, been put on everything antibiotics, creams and tablets. This product has literally saved me! I use around 3 times a week and now I hardly ever get a spot. Been using for around 9 months now and my skins keeps getting better. Thank you!

Kim Crowley

Blown away.... this dermaflannel really works. My daughter was born with Non Bullous Ichthyosis so has constant dry skin etc and since she has just hit the teenage years she has been really struggling with her complexion, more so than usual. Not only dealing with excessive dry skin but breakouts, and blackheads/clogged pores caused by all the creams and emollients that she has to use everyday. Anyway we gave the dermaflannel a try and from the 1st use there has been a massive improvement to her face. Her skin is a lot smoother, less breakouts, especially across her forehead and her pores are really starting to look a lot smaller/clearer. Would definitely recommend this product 100% to help with skin care routine.


I've repurchased this so many times it's a must have in my skin care. It really does exfoliate and leave my skin feeling amazing. My only complaint is that it looks dirty quickly but I can't live without it.

Jada Marie

I was unsure that a simple flannel would be able to do so many things but wow I'm amazed with this thing! I'm currently 3 days into using this beauty and I must say I'm really impressed with the results so far! Not only has it left my skin feeling really clean but I've noticed my pores look a lot smaller and black head area around the nose really clear! Never has my skin felt and looked this good before and I am looking forward to seeing more results as I use it regularly. If you are thinking about purchasing this product go for it! It's the best money I've spent on anything I've used on my face better than any lotion or potion I've ever tried, I can't wait to try more from bravura! I rarely feel so strongly about a product to actually write a review but this is so worth it, this will be going on my beauty blog for sure, I need to spread the word! Thanks Bravura!


Well I never would have believed a face flannel could accomplish so much!! I use my Dermaflannel every night after cleansing and my skin is loving it! I actually look forward to using it (yes I'm a weirdo!) I was suffering from blocked pores and blackheads and couldn't seem to get rid of them and this cloth is helping so much. In fact the other day I spotted a blackhead on my chin and gave that area an extra good scrub with my flannel that night. The next day I was checking and the blackhead was actually gone! I love that I can use this from time to time on my children too. I also sometimes use it on my body in the shower and its great. I always thoroughly cleanse with a very high quality natural cleanser and remove my cleanser with a normal flannel (giving it a good rub). When I then afterwards use my Dermaflannel, I am consistently amazed you can see the dirt/makeup/dead skin cells on the cloth and that has come off what I would call a clean face! I have recommended this flannel to loads of my friends and a few have gone ahead and purchased it too. This is one of my favourite ever purchases! I recently bought the first cleanse oil and a moisturiser from Bravura and so far am really enjoying them too! The price of Bravura's products for the quality you receive it outstanding. Thanks Bravura!

Selina Faulkner

I ordered my flannel several months ago along with some glycolic acid. I use each intermittently, but I love how the flannel gives instant smoothness. I prefer to use it at night after removing my makeup so cleaning the cloth is easier. Using the cloth has become a lovely little ritual. Theres no worry that you're wasting product, so you can use it all over the neck, back, and chest as necessary. The packaging is just ok--I repackage it (with the instructions) when I give it as a gift. The maintenance also had me a bit worried at first,as I don't want to ruin it, but cleaning it in the sink after use is easy and has worked fine. Would definitely recommend this, especially to people unsure about using chemical exfoliants. It's quickly become a staple beauty product for me.


I'm really glad to have found this moisturiser online. These past several weeks my skin is dry and dull cuz of beach holiday I had and my old moisturiser seems to not work at all. Azulene moisturiser isn't like any other I have used. It's not greasy even with its quite thick consistency, it's somehow soaked into my skin and give my skin enough hydration. After a week or so, my skin is back to normal. International delivery worked out fine, too. So glad, thank you!


Ive always suffered from acne, hormonal breakouts and a lot of scars on my cheeks. tried a lot a lot of different exfoliators (dermalogica, sk:n etc) and other face products, but nothing seems to be helping. My friend introduced me to Bravura London and i used to buy clensers and toners and face creams. when dermaflannel came out i wasnt sure if this will be like they say the best product and i took me a while to actualy make a i think it was the best decision ive ever made and i wonder why i didnt order it when it first came out!!! Girls if you suffer from acne and you think there is no hope and all the products youve tried so far dont work..........believe me this product does!! no blackheads, no breakouts (even the hormonal ones) and my skin feels soooooooo clear after i use it :-) lov it!! Thnak you very much Bravura London! oh ive been using it now for 3 months and i got rid of all other exfoliators i used to use :-) Maggie xxxxx

Rachael Kerr

Having always suffered from problem skin since I was a teen, at 27 my skin seems to be punishing me. A friend recommended I tried Bravura products and haven't been disappointed with any so far! I started with the acids, I have all 3, which are great. I then added the cleanser, toner and Azula moisturiser to my routine - they are amazing! For some reason around Christmas time I started getting acne on my back, an area I have NEVER had a problem. I emailed in and Amanda recommended the Dermaflannel as it covered more area for my back problem. I've been using it for a week on my back and face and WOW the results are amazing! My face looks completely different, I feel confident to show people my no makeup face.....and my back....what a massive improvement in such a short space of time, it's now smooth, redness has pretty much gone! I'm hoping it was just hormones and the bacne will never return but I now have a defence if it does! The Dermaflannel is an amazing product which is easy and effortless to use every night. I can't tell you how much I look forward to using it. I also feel like my toner and moisturiser work more effectively after using. I also find my makeup sits better the morning after. Over the moon! Thanks Bravura Rach xxx


So so happy with this product!! Have been raving about it to all my friends. You do have to be careful because over rubbing or being too heavy handed can leave your face feeling slightly raw but easy to rectify. I am using the flannel every other day fairly gently now but can see and actually feel how clear my pores are and there's a definate fresher look to my face. I am prone to menstrual outbreaks and although I still got the usual spot or 2 I was happy to notice even they were minimal. Brilliant buy!! Highly recommend!!!


This is THE best way to exfoliate! I use one every day and have done for a couple of months now. After cleansing I simply wet the flannel with warm water, gently squeeze out the excess then just wipe over my face a few times, being very gentle. My skin glows afterwards and despite having quite sensitive skin, this has not caused me any problems. I wouldn't even dream of trying another method of exfoliation now! The cloths are very well made and should last a very long time.


After having spots as a teenager, It felt incredibly unfair to have major breakouts at 33. I have waisted so much money (which I really can't afford) on skincare. It really took a leap of faith to try a flannel that cost just over 10 and I was dreading adding it to the list of disappointments. Now I can't live without it. Used daily( my skin was bad) it cleared my skin, made it smooth and my pores look better. I'm that sad that I look forward to using it, just to see the effect it has. I never thought to exfoliate my legs, but it's great if used with shaving,they almost shine, my friends were impressed. Please don't stop selling these. Friends have brought them after seeing the results and it feels good to know that I have found a chemical free product that my kids could use if they end up being as unlucky as me. Can't recommend enough.


Honestly my favourite purchase of 2014, so much so that i've now purchased one for both my mum & sister. Dont be put off by the price because it is worth every single penny!


Really super results and my pores are definitely smaller.


Totally worth it!


The amount of money I've wasted on exfoliation is unbelievable. Well not anymore, this little diamond is all I need. Do not underestimate the power of this flannel! I have one for my face and one for my body.


I bought this after reading the reviews and after using it for a while once a week I can see a bit of a difference in my skin (from Winter to Summer). It offers great exfoliation on the skin but I did have some grazing early on when I was a little bit enthusiastic with it. The key is a gentle single upper ward stroke - I wish I watched the video before I started using it. Would repurchase!


Only had my order a couple of days and this cloth is great.I have terrible oily skin,congested and full of enlarged pores etc.Exfoliating is essential for me to maintain clear skin and this little cloth is dependable,with or without cleanser it does a super job. Very pleased I ordered one!


After mistakenly using the flannel too hard (underestimated it's exfoliating powers!) I left my skin a little sore followed by a few breakouts from over working and drying out my skin which was entirely my own fault. I now use the flannel in light upwards strokes everyday after I have doubled cleansed my skin and it's amazing. I suffer with melasma which is more apparent in the sunnier months and leaves me with dark pigment patches on my face. After only 2.5weeks of using the flannel correctly these have already been visibly reduced. My skin is also a lot softer and smoother in general and I am totally addicted to the clean feeling. Now that I'm using the flannel the right way I can not recommend this little bit of cloth enough! xx


I absolutely love this flannel! My skin was looking dehydrated and dry, plus I also suffer from some pigmentation marks. Although it's only very early days, the improvement is amazing. Not only does my skin feel incredibly soft, it's glowing and I swear it's knocked 5 years off me! I use it approx 5 nights per week, but just using very soft upward strokes. I'm so happy to have found this product. Highly recommended.


This is the best exfoliator ever! No more expensive products that don't work.


I have always looked after my skin and done weekly scrubs and cleansed religiously morning and evening. I recently broke out in acne type marks round side of face which I think may be hormone related and my usual cleanser was not working. Ive been using this flannel for a couple of weeks and its made such a difference my skin is smooth and glowing the acne is nearly gone and even the blackheads on my nose are disappearing!!! FAB




I have not had problem skin until hitting the menopause where my skin has begun to by dry prone to breakouts and red. This little flannel and the lovely blue moisturiser have given me back my healthy glow.I wish i had found you sooner as I have spent much time and money on expensive imitations...well done bravura you have converted me. I have another flannel on order and the cleansing milk can't wait to try them...trina x


I started to develop mild acne after wearing makeup. After i started to get spots I wore even more makeup to cover them. I used glycolic 30 % skin peel it was great then after a while i started to get nodules on my face so I stopped using the product. I saw dermaflannel on this website I thought wow how could a flannel treat my problem. It did! After 1 treatment I noticed my blemishes had started to fade. I've just had my 3rd treatment my blackheads have faded my acne scars have reduced and my face is smooth and bright! I love it, I don't wear makeup anymore this product has gave my confidence back.

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