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Best cleanser for make-up removal

Best cleanser for make-up

Oil cleansing is an amazing way to thoroughly remove make-up, even thick make-up and waterproof mascara due to the viscosity (it’s sticky) of the liquid. Most make-up is oil based and I’m sure you know that just by splashing water on your face it will sit on the top of the skin or just smudge everything around, oil however will sink in to your make-up, softening everything up ready for removal. BUT using just an oil alone is not going to rinse away properly and that is why oil cleansers were created.

 Bravura oil cleanser


Oil cleansers have a secret little magic trick, they contain ingredients called emulsifiers, these emulsifiers sit nicely within the oil but as soon as you add water, they instantly thin out the formula, turning the cleanser in to a milk cleanser consistency which makes it really easy to rinse off, meaning you get the benefits of a thoroughly deep oil cleanse without having to scrub at your skin to remove it.


Oil cleansers save you time and money in 2022

Because oil cleansers can also remove eye make-up this means you don’t need a separate eye make-up remover, oils are also gentler on the eye area and because oil has a nice “slip” to it, it doesn’t drag your skin as you massage it in.


Oil cleansing better for the environment

If you use wipes to remove your make-up that’s a lot of product going in to landfill, not only that but they’re really not great for the skin. A bottle of oil is going to save all of those wipes going in to your bin and will improve the condition of your skin, win win.


Oils break down SPF

Whether your make-up contains SPF or you’ve applied sunscreen to your skin (the SPF in make-up doesn’t give enough protection so always apply an SPF first) sun creams are generally designed to stay on the skin for as long as possible, some are even water resistant so they can be difficult to remove. If you’ve noticed you get breakouts when using an SPF it could be that it wasn’t being thoroughly removed from your skin, using an oil cleanser at least as your first cleanse in the evening will help to break down the SPF. 

Can’t I just use coconut oil?

Coconut oil doesn’t mix well with water so to remove you have to use a cloth to scrub at the skin, this can cause irritation, dehydration and affect the natural balance of oil in your skin. If you don’t remove it properly you are at risk of clogged pores and also that oil will create a barrier on your skin, preventing your skincare from being absorbed properly. This is why I’m not a fan of the original oil cleansing method.


Double cleanse

I still recommend double cleansing in the evening with using oil, especially if you wear thick make-up or waterproof mascara. You can cleanse twice with the oil cleanser or use the oil as a first cleanse to remove make-up and mascara and then use a separate cleanser to clean the skin and to remove any last traces of make-up.

Oil cleanser 


How to take make-up off 

Start with a pump of oil cleanser in your hand, spread between both hands and then apply oil to the whole face, including the eyes. Start by massaging the face first for around 30 second, you can then start to gently massage the eyes, you will feel any mascara start to soften, when you feel the cleanser has fully dissolved your makeup you can remove by either splashing the face with clean water (never fill the sink, you’ll be splashing dirty water on to your face) or you can use a face flannel or makeup remover cloth.


Cleanser for makeup brushes

You can also use your cleansing oil as a makeup brush cleanser! Apply a little oil to the clean brush, massage in and rinse thoroughly, this works really well if you use a brush to apply liquid liner.


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