Dry - Rosacea

Here are the products I tend to recommend for rosacea but rosacea is a tricky condition and not everyone can tolerate our products. If you've reacted to a lot of products in the past, I'd recommend you visit a skin consultant/aesthetician.


If your skin is usually oily but is currently dry, this would mean your skin is dehydrated, please email us for more advice.


Cleanser – First Cleanse Oil


Please read my guide on cleansing for best results 



Toner – Revitalising Ginseng Toner 


Serum – Hyaluronic Acid Serum



Day Moisturiser – Azulene Moisturiser



Night Moisturiser – Collagen Moisturiser




Lactic Acid



If you suffer with breakouts/pustules -


Salicylic Acid in combination with lactic acid




Please note that you DO NOT need to buy everything I’ve listed, if you’re happy with your skincare routine and just need one product that’s fine, if you need a full routine then this list is suitable for you. You can also refer back to this page should you wish to add more Bravura London products to your routine.