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Skin Tips To Survive The Cold Weather

6 Super Simple Skin Tips To Survive The Cold Weather

Ok so I know we’re British and we typically complain about the weather but WOW its cold! And I live in Wales, we’re used to the cold. As much as we don’t like feeling the cold, our skin can also freak out at the bitterness, leaving many people with complaints ranging from tightness all the way to severely cracked, inflamed skin.

If like me your instant thought in this weather is to crank up the heating and take ridiculously hot baths and showers then please do think again because this is going to cause havoc on your skin.

Heating – Now I’m not saying to keep your heating off, that would be silly. But rather than turning the heat up, put on more layers or get snuggly under some blankets. Heating takes moisture out of the air which then causes our skin to dehydrate. If you have no control over the heating, in work for example, try putting a humidifier near you to add moisture back in to the air.

4 Day Old Roses In A Room With Central Heating

Hot baths and showers – I’m really bad for this one because I like my baths and showers so hot my skin goes red. But again, this is going to dehydrate the skin, so a quick, warm enough that you’re happy but not hot enough that your skin changes colour bath or shower is best. If you already have dry skin a body butter or moisturiser is a must, I personally don’t like adding products to wet skin, but applying in a steamy, warm shower room is the perfect amount of moisture.

Creating A Relaxing Space Can Be Very Soothing

Caffeine – What? She’s taken away my hot bath and now she’s trying to take away my coffee? No, but as they say, everything in moderation. Caffeine is a diuretic which causes the body to lose water, so remember to stay hydrated if you love your caffeine based drinks. Why not replace a cup or two with something else? Find a gorgeous herbal tea that you love, have a hot chocolate, chai or matcha latte, they still contain caffeine but much less than coffee. I love to make an almond milk, matcha latte and then pop in a chai tea bag, it’s warm, comforting and a little spicy, perfect for this weather!

Spoil Yourself, Your Deserve It ;)

Skincare – This is probably obvious, you need to protect your skin but your skincare needs the correct ingredients. Look for oil based cleansers which won’t leave your skin tight and use a mix of water based (aqua/water should be the first ingredient) and oil based (no aqua) products. For example, a water based hyaluronic acid serum followed by a facial oil or oil based moisturiser. Or a facial oil and a water based moisturiser. Avoid facial scrubs, look for gentle, hydrating exfoliators such as lactic acid, but if your skin is already dry and tight, get it hydrated first before you even consider exfoliating. I love nothing better on a cold evening to snuggle in my onesie with a facemask and my kindle.

Hydrate Your Skin With A Facemask, Pouting Optional

Water – Obviously your friend but it doesn’t mean you have to down jugs of water. How about a lovely bowl of liquid/broth soup for lunch or dinner? Ramen Soup anyone? Or how about a smoothie of some kind? Use water or a dairy free milk. There are so many options as well as flavouring your water with herbs such as mint and basil or using lemons (Tesco sell frozen, chopped lemon and lime which I use in my gym water bottle).

Be Creative With Your Water

Sun Protection (yes really) - If you go out for a walk, wrap up warm, use a hydrating moisturiser or oil and top with an SPF, those pesky UVA Rays (uvA - Ageing, uvB - Burning) are still out there, threatening to suck the youth from our skin. Staying in is of course preferable but there are those who want to go out, no matter the weather.

A Bit Of Snow Won't Keep Zeus In!

These are some quick, basic tips, if you have any questions please drop me a comment on facebook.


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