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Meghan Markle's Skincare Secrets For That Royal Glow

Meghan Markle's Skincare Secrets

Yes, I'm going there. Love or hate the royals, there's no denying Meghan has lovely skin. And what I mean by lovely is that her skin is beautiful and natural, she has a few signs of ageing, she has a lot of beautiful freckles, there are some tiny blemishes and scars there but she doesn't slap on layers of make-up to conceal this, while she does wear make-up, she tends to focus more on the eyes, leaving the natural, healthy glow from her skin shine through.

 Megan Markle uses AHA's like Glycolic and Lactic Acid.

And how does she get that glow? Acids! Yes our future princess is apparently a fan of a lovely bit of AHA and who can blame her? Scrubs may exfoliate but acids will leave the skin glowing. So here are my royal skincare tips.


The most important thing about achieving clear skin is cleansing, always double cleanse in the evening, first cleanse to remove make-up, dirt and excess oil, the second cleans your face. I'm a huge fan of oil cleansing which is why I always recommend Bravura's First Cleanse Oil.


Follow with an acid toner. Why? Not only does an acid toner refresh the skin and gently exfoliate, it also helps balance your skin's PH after cleansing, PH balanced skin is happy skin.


If you want your skin to glow it needs to be hydrated. One of my favourite ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid and our serum is a very simply product to go under your favourite moisturiser. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps the skin, essential for that youthful glow.


Moisturising twice a day is important, in the morning always use a product with an SPF, not sure our Ms Markle does because of all those lovely freckles but it is really important to keep the skin protected. Meghan is known for enjoying facials and so I would assume that her facialist balances out any sun exposure with a cocktail of products high in antioxidants, to help repair any free radical damage.


And of course, the acid treatments. The acids you use depend on your skin type and skin complaint. If you have oily skin with a spotty complexion then salicylic acid is your friend, if you're hoping to reduce blemishes, fine lines, discolouration then glycolic acid can help. My absolute favourite to hydrate the skin and get a healthy, plumped up glow is lactic acid. Bravura acids can be alternated and so you can get the benefits of all 3.


Home treatments are the most important thing you can do for your skin, but if your budget can stretch to a salon treatment then you really will get the most amazing results. I have IPL once a month for it's rejuvenating properties as well as a facial once a month (so I go every 2 weeks), usually I'll have an oxygen facial because I love the results. Why not find out if you have a local college training beauty students? You can have salon treatments at the fraction of the price you'd pay at a regular salon. And if you're the kind of person that hates spending money on themselves, I was once that person, now I know I deserve this beautiful treat and when you look your best, you feel your best.


Now who else can't wait to see the blushing bride tomorrow? (meeeeeeeeeeeee)


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