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Helpful Tips For Maskne And Irritation From Masks

9 Tips to help Maskne And Irritation From Masks

Wearing masks are causing havoc on many people's skin, the constant friction can cause irritation along with the fact that the area under the mask can become warm and moist, this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and many people are experiencing breakouts (maskne), rashes and irritation.

The following tips may help if you are wearing masks daily, although not everything would apply if you're in the medical profession, adjust to what works for you.

Maskne Tips


  • If you're wearing your mask for long periods of time, try changing your mask at least every 2-3 hours when possible.
  • Always make sure your mask is clean, if using reusables, wash your mask before each use, including when you first buy it. Wash in your usual detergent, don't use products that aren't designed to wash clothes, the ingredients may irritate your skin (we love zoflora too but don't use it for your mask). Hot water is recommended to kill all bacteria and most masks could go in with your usual wash, place in a delicates bag and avoid using fabric softener. Dry in a dryer if possible or iron to make sure all bacteria has been killed.
  • Consider the material of your mask, natural materials like cotton and silk are best.

  • Ensure the mask isn't too big that it moves around and rubs the skin, but not that it's so tight it's very uncomfortable or bruises the skin.

Skincare for mask breakouts

  • Cleanse your skin as soon as you get home, we recommend our first cleanse oil for a gentle but thorough cleanse. Avoid using a face flannel on the area as this could cause further irritation. If you have oily skin, our salicylic acid based Purifying Gel Cleanser can be used for your second cleanse and/or morning cleanse.

  • If you have breakouts, you can spot treat with our salicylic acid 2%, apply with the chemical peel brush or your finger directly on to each spot. You may be able to apply acids to the mask area or you may find applying acids there causes irritation, listen to your skin, you know it the best. You could use your usual acid on the rest of your skin, avoiding the masked area.

  • Treat, use a water based serum like our Hyaluronic Acid Serum to hydrate and a light, oil based moisturiser thats's suitable for your skin type to nourish. If your usual products are causing irritation or burn on application, you may need to use different products on that area, look for products suitable for atopic dermatitis (eczema). Moisturise at least 30 minutes before wearing your mask.

  • If you have a rash around the chin, mouth or nose this could be perioral dermatitis. If you have a cluster of red pimples or whiteheads around the hair follicles, this could be folliculitis. See your doctor for a topical antibiotic, do not use acids on any rashes.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after you remove your mask and before touching your face.

If nothing appears to be helping and your skin is severely breaking out or is very irritated, ask at your usual Medical Practise if they have a Dr or Nurse that specialises in skincare, you may need some topical treatment to help.


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