Problem Skin

Here are the products I'd recommend for your skin complaint and skin type. Please note that you DO NOT need to buy everything I’ve listed, if you’re happy with your skincare routine and just need one product that’s fine, if you need a full routine then this list is suitable for you. You can also refer back to this page should you wish to add more Bravura London products to your routine. 

If your skin is oily, normal or a combination of oily and normal skin, here is a full routine of products that would suit your skin type.

I've written a guide on cleansing HERE, if you have the time I'd recommend reading it, it will help you understand the products I've recommended and will help you get the best out of your cleansing routine.

First cleanse - First Cleanse Oil For best results, remove with a cotton flannel, unless you’re using before one of the acids (listed below) then you would need to rinse away.

Second/morning Cleanse - If you would prefer to use only 1 cleanser, the First Cleanse listed above can be used twice. Using two cleansers means that you get the benefit of more active ingredients. The cleansers below can't be used before the acids as they both contain glycolic acid.

Purifying Gel Cleanser (soap free facial wash) 

Volcanic Mud Cleanser

Toner - Revitalising Ginseng Toner To help balance your skin’s PH after cleansing. This can be used twice a day.

Serum - Hyaluronic Acid Serum Serums are an excellent way to boost hydration in the skin, when the skin is hydrated it will produce less oil and become a lot more balanced. Our oil free hyaluronic acid serum is perfect for all skin types and won't block the pores. This can be used twice a day under your moisturiser.

Moisturiser - Azulene Moisturiser. A lot of people with oily skin are nervous about using moisturisers but a moisturiser twice a day is essential, without it the skin creates too much oil which then clogs the pores. This moisturiser can be used in the morning and evening.

We don't specialise in SPF's or eye creams and so we don't have any in our range, if you have a favourite then continue use. Using an SPF product daily is also the best protection against ageing, when you're out in strong sun be sure to wear an SPF of at least 30 and re-apply every 2 hours, it's the UVA in the suns rays which is always present, even in the winter that causes ageing in our skin. 

Treatment - I'd recommend both the glycolic acid and salicylic acid which you would alternate every other evening, for example monday glycolic, wednesday salicylic, friday glycolic and so on. Avoid using any facial scrubs or sonic brushes when using these or it could cause a breakout, these provide enough exfoliation. The reason I recommend the two is because the salicylic acid works within the pores to clear any blockages while the glycolic acid works on the surface to even out the skin tone, it also gives the skin a lovely, healthy glow and balances oil production.

For best results I recommend applying the acids with our chemical peel brush, this gives a more even finish and also ensures that you don’t waste any of the product as it doesn’t absorb the product.

If you feel you wouldn’t stick to a routine using the acids or you don’t like a lot of fuss in the evenings, you may prefer the Dermaflannel instead. 

I know that sounds like a lot, this is a full skincare regime, which is needed to get the skin in great condition. You don't have to use all Bravura products to get results, as long as you cleanse, tone and moisturise with suitable products you can simple choose what you need from the list above. 

Please also remember that anything that touches your skin needs to be clean, be sure to only use clean face cloths and face towels, change your pillow case once a week and if you use make-up brushes, try cleaning them after each use but at the minimum, they should be cleansed once a week.

Disclaimer – I’m happy to give recommendations for products but can’t offer any guarantees that these will work for your skin. Although we have a lot of positive feedback from customers, everyone is different, obviously I can’t take in to account any allergies or sensitivities you may have which is why I recommend you read the ingredients list for all products I recommend. To get great results you MUST cleanse, tone and moisturise daily, no matter what treatment you use, without a good daily skincare routine, you won’t get the best results.